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Did you know that... Gain useful information from our useful bra tips & tricks below!

  This can`t be said too often: 80 % of women wear the wrong bra size. It is very important that you know the signs of a bad fitting bra, to prevent that you end up with health problems because of a badly fitting bra.

Most bras have 3 hooks in the back. When you buy a new bra, it shall fit in the loosest hook. When the bra gets older (and more stretchy), you can move to a tighter hook if needed.

Wireless bras (bras without a wire underneath the bust) are more flexible than wired bras. This means that it is easier to make them fit OK.. But they don`t give the same support as a well fitted wired bra.

The bra sizing system is supposed to be universal. But be aware that bra size can vary slightly from brand to brand. Remember this if you are shopping for a new brand. Always try the bra on before buying, and also try more brands to find the most comfortable for you.

Your bra size can change due to hormonal changes, or changes in weight. Pregnancy, breast feeding, menstruation, "the pill", weight loss and weight gain can affect your bra size.


What is YOUR best general bra tips?

Share your own bra tips - it could be anything, so don`t be sky - women out there need help :)
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