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Bra Size Measurement

  How to measure bra size?

When and how to Measure Bra Size? Let us help you!

Did you know that several global surveys show that about 80 % of women wear the wrong bra size? How to tell if you wear the wrong bra size? See Wrong Bra Size Signs and Symptoms.

Make sure to measure your bra size in the right way! We will show you how to do it...

When to Measure Bra size?

  Changes in weight does affect the bra size. When gaining weight, your bra size usually increases, and when losing weight, bra size often decreases. So make sure to always measure your bra size and and search for "wrong bra size signs" after weight loss / weight gain.

Pregnancy and breast feeding also affect the bra size. It is common to go up one or two cup sizes (or even more) during pregnancy. You should measure your breast size more often, and always make sure you wear a perfect fitted bra!

Menstruation: During the Period, the breasts will swell a little. Make sure to buy a bra that fits your breasts during the period.
The Pill (Birth Controll Pills) may also affect the bra size. When starting on the pill, your breast size may increase. Always check if you need new bras!

How to Measure Bra Size?

Bra size is based on these two measurements:

Band Size

Band size is a number that indicates the circumference around the women`s torso (under or over the bust). If your bra size is 36D, 36 is your band size. Learn how to measure the band size.

Cup Size

Cup size is the size of the bra`s breast cup (cup volume/ breast size). The cup size is indicated with one or to letters. If your bra size is 34C, C is your cup-size. Learn how to measure the cup size.


Have YOU got any tips on measuring bra size?

Give us your best bra measuring tips - and help girls world wide!
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