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Conversion Charts for All International Bra Sizes
  Bra size converter - convert bra size
  Shopping for bras on the internet? You may save a lot of money, but it is not always easy to find the right size. If you order from another country, the sizing system may be different. But don`t worry - we will help you converting your bra size.

Make sure you have got the right bra size in the first place. Click here for more information on how to measure your bra size. And then simply use our bra size conversion charts found below to determine your bra size in another bra sizing system. Good luck!

Understand The Codes:

US = USA, UK = United Kingdom, EU = Europe (also used in Japan), AU = Australia (also used in New Zealand), FR = France (also used in Spain and Belgium), IT = Italy (also used in Chez Republic).
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US to UK, EU, AU, FR, IT
EU to US, UK, AU, FR, IT
AU to US, UK, EU, FR, IT
FR to US, UK, EU, AU, IT
IT to US, UK, EU, AU, FR
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