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Bra Fitting

Why is correct bra fitting so important?
  Correct bra size - bra fitting
More than 80 % of women wear the wrong bra size. Why is that a problem? And how can you tell if you wear the wrong bra size?

Health and bra fitting

  Wearing a badly fitted bra can actually make you ill! Both headache and neck pain can be caused by a wrong sized bra!

Many women use bras with too large band size and too small cup size. In such cases, the breasts are supported by the shoulder straps, which will cause a lot of unnecessary pressure on the shoulders (which again can cause neck pain and headache). With a perfect fitted bra, the breasts are supported from underneath and not from the shoulder straps. This way it will be almost no pressure on the shoulders. Even circulation problems and skin problems can also be related to bad fitted bras.
Bad fitted bras can also cause breathing problems. According to The British School of Osteopathy, bad fitted bras (too tight bras or underwired bras) can put stress on bones and muscles, which can cause breathing problems.

The look!

In addition to the health problems a bad fitted bra can cause, it can also ruin your looks. Bad fitted bras make your bust look bulky and strange. A badly fitted bra will also affect your posture in a bad way. On the other hand, a well fitted, supportive bra can make you look slimmer and also make your clothes look better on you.

How Can You Tell?

How to tell if you wear the wrong bra size? First, it is important to do an effort to find the right bra size. Learn more about bra size measurement here.

It is also important to know the symptoms of a bad fitting bra. Only that way you can tell if your are among the 80 % of women who wear the wrong bra size.

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