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Average Bra Size

Let us help you find more info on average bra size...
  What is average bra size?

Average Bra Size in US and UK:

  What is actually the average bra size? It is a difficult question, because different bra size surveys have different conclusions.

But many different sources report these average bra sizes in US and UK:

US: 36C
UK: 36D

Note: these numbers are not official values, just an estimate based on several bra size studies.


Large numbers?

Sure! But women's average breast size is increasing fast (due to weight gain in the population)! I.e. in the UK, the average bra size has increased from 34B to 36D in just a few years(!), according to The Guardian.

European Bra Size Survey:

The underwear company Triumph's European Bra Size Survey from 2007 is also a guideline to what the average bra size is in different countries. The survey is showing how many women who wear bra sizes A, B, C and D in selected countries in Europe:

Cup Size:






UK 57 % 18 % 19 % 6 %
Denmark 50 % 19 % 24 % 7 %
Netherlands 36 % 27 % 29 % 8 %
Belgium 28 % 28 % 35 % 9 %
France 26 % 29 % 38 % 7 %
Sweden 24 % 30 % 33 % 14 %
Greece 23 % 28 % 40 % 9 %
Switzerland 19 % 24 % 43 % 14 %
Austria 11 % 27 % 51 % 10 %
Italy 10 % 21 % 68 % 1 %

Bra Size Map, per Country:

TargetMap has developed a `Bra Size Map`, showing the bra size in all countries of the world. We can not guarantee the accuracy of this bra size map, so do not take it too seriously. But it will give a guideline. And it is very funny reading as well. Enjoy!

Women's Breasts Are Getting Bigger!

Women`s breasts are growing, and we need larger and larger bras. This is due to the fact that the average weight is increasing. I.e., in UK, the average bra size has changed from 34B to 36D in just a few years(!), according to The Guardian.

In US, The New York Times says that "many women - to their shock or glee - are finding that DD is becoming the new C".


What is YOUR bra size?

As a mini survey we simply ask; what bra size do YOU use and which country are you from? Participate below...
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