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Let us help you find a perfect fitting bra!

Bra Size 80% of women wear wrong bra size!*
It`s true, believe it or not! This may cause health problems such as headache and neck pain. It may also totally ruin your looks! Learn more about the importance of a correct bra fitting.

How to tell if you are wearing a wrong sized bra? And what to do about it?
Check our popular guide to wrong bra size signs and symptoms with solutions, and find out what you can do to prevent potential health problems due to a bad fitted bra.
  All about bra size and bra sizing

Bra Size Conversion

Shopping bras on the internet? Check our Bra Size Conversion Charts. Easily convert between US, UK, EU, FR and more bra sizes.

Bra Size Chart

If you know your cup and band measurements, use our Bra Size Chart to find your bra size in 1-2-3! If you are not completely sure of your measurements, we strongly recommend that you have a look at our Bra Measurement Guide.

How to Determine Bra Size?

Learn how to measure your bra size. Easily and accurately find both your band size and your cup size.

Wrong Bra Size Symptoms

Most women are wearing a wrong sized bra (!) Check whether this applies to you.

Bra Sister Sizes


More than one bra size can fit you! How comes? Learn more about bra sister sizing system and see sister sizing charts.

Average Bra Size


What is the average bra size? We know! Learn more about average bra sizes here!

Bra as a Gift?


Shopping for bras as a gift? Let us give you our best bra gift shopping tips&tricks!

Bra Size Must-Knows!

What you don`t know can hurt you! Check out our Bra Size Must-Knows to maximize your bra comfort and your look!
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* = According to several international bra size studies, i.e. study by Katherine Wood, Melainie Cameron and Kylie Fitzgerald. Crazy, isn`t it?